Our Baptism Program at St. Martin was revised ten years ago. It has evolved over this period of time and has had some changes to better accommodate our parishioners. The baptisms are now scheduled for Sunday afternoons at 3:00 pm. We would like to describe the entire program for everyone to understand how the program operates. The process is initiated when the parents of a child to be baptized contacts Karen Sullivan at 516-454-6454. She will schedule the Gathering, Baptism and Reflection dates at this time.

Home Visit: The first step in our process is a visit to the home of the family whose baby is to be baptized. Our program volunteers called Companions make this visit to greet the family and welcome them. They fill out the paperwork that is required for the church records and pray with the family.

Gathering: The Gathering takes place once a month for the babies that will be baptized the following month. This session is a prayer service where we have a scripture reading, review the Baptism process and a DVD on “Your Baby’s Baptism.” It takes place on a Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm in the Parish Hall.

Baptism: The third part of the baptism service occurs on a Sunday afternoon usually on the first or third Sundays (except when there is a holiday) at 3:00 pm. At this service the entire sacrament of Baptism takes place.

Reflection: The Reflection is scheduled every two months at the 1:00 pm mass and is for all of the babies that were baptized in the previous two months. At the Reflection there is a special blessing for the mother and father. At the conclusion of the mass, the families are invited to the Parish Hall for a reception and an evaluation of their experience with the whole baptism process. The baptism certificates are distributed at the end of the Reflection.

At the heart of this program are the volunteers we call Companions. They are the people who reach out to these families with the new born babies. They guide and journey with them through the Gathering, Baptism, and Reflection. They are the representatives of the entire parish to these families. This is a very rewarding ministry for these volunteers. Our parish has many young families with young children and in order to reach out to these families, we need more Companions. If you think that you may be interested in this ministry, please call Karen Sullivan at 516-454-6454.

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